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Halethorpe MD Local Clarke Blvd development

For those interested in the details of the development taking place at Clarke Boulevard and Cedar Avenue in Relay, there will be a meeting at Relay Elementary School on November 15, 2017, at 7:00 PM. The public is welcome to attend. Developer Steve Rosen is building a new development consisting of 124 townhouses. Currently, the land is being graded. Over the winter, storm drains and septic will be installed. In the spring the roads and townhomes will be built. The entrance to the townhomes will located off of Cedar Avenue. Cost of the new homes will run from $280,000 and up. The major concern for the community was the increase in traffic on Clarke Boulevard. Making a left turn from Clarke onto Washington Boulevard or vice versa, a left turn when traveling northbound on Washington Boulevard onto Clarke, is already an issue which was brought up at our meeting in March by HIA member Jack Schaefer even before this new development commenced. The Maryland State Highway Administration is getting ready to replace the bridge that crosses over the CSX tracks on Washington Boulevard. Plans are to increase the amount of lanes from 4 to 5 — 2 northbound, 2 southbound and 1 middle turning lane. This project will start in April 2018 through June 2019.

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